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Tours for children and teens age 9- 16 to Estonia

The Camp is organised in Estonia, on the basis of the Hotel Laagna, which is situated on the picturesque woodland lakeside, not far from a sandy beach of Finnish Gulf, 12 kilometers from Narva. Property’s territory is more than 70 hectares.In international Camp in Laagna you will meet skilled, enthusiastic stuff and experience the following 

- Meeting new friends from different countries.
- Sitting near the fire and fishing.
- Horse riding and primary education of riding with an experienced instructor.
- Swimming in the water park, lake and sea, sailing on the boat.
- Disco program every night.
- Bow firing and farm excursion!
- Visiting historical places and seashore.
- Exciting activities and competitions.

Rules of camping in our Hotel

12 (1)
1. Be responsible for yourself, not the others.
2. It is forbidden to fight!
3. Don’t be late, save our time.
4. It is forbidden to humiliate and offend others.
5. No smoking/no alcohol is permitted.
6. It is not allowed to leave the territory without a guide.
7. Waking up in the morning, don’t forget about the good mood.
8. Remember! You always have a choice!

Routine of the day in the camp:
08.00 - Wake up!
08.10 - morning physical exercises, shaping, cross-country
08.30 - personal time
08.55 - informational meeting
09.00 - time for breakfast (in the restaurant)
10.00 - sunbathing, beach, games, sport activities, water park, hiking, horse riding.
13.00 - lunch time
14-16 - personal and leisure time
16.00 - afternoon snack
16.10 - trainings, excursions
19.00 - dinner
20.00 - movies, show, discotheque, camp fire
22.00 - bed time

From dawn till dusk you will be supervised by experienced staff

Экскурсии по Эстонии

For additional charge, we will be happy to organise educational tours and excursions (at least 4 persons in the group):
- Rakvere castle - 40 Euro
- Puhtitsa Dormition Convent - 25 Euro
- Old town of Tallinn - 50 Euro
- Slate mines - 30 Euro

Prices include:

- Living in the cottages rooms (3-6 persons), WC and shower in every room.
- Four meals a day in the hotel’s restaurant (on the day of arrival – dinner, breakfast and lunch –on the day of departure)
- Swimming in the water park (according to the schedule)
- Courses of horse riding
- Groups are formed by age, 15-20person in each group. Every group has its own leader and guide.
- In the camp there is a small sweetshop, where it is possible to buy sodas, ice creams and sweets.
- Medical worker is always in the camp in case of emergencies.Parent can also stay in the hotel for a desired number of days